Soft Eyeliner 

Will give you a subtle shaded pencil look that will accentuate and correct the natural shape of the eyes, and give the appearance of uplifted eyes. The different results can be achieved depending on the client’s needs. From smokey liner to subtle lash enhancements with the softest shading on top, this procedure can be tailored to create many desired effects.

Eyeliner is good for all ages. Not a painful procedure.

The effect lasts from 2.5 and up to 5 years.

Classic Eyeliner 

Classic Eyeliner is thicker than the lash line style, usually 1-3mm thick from the lash line to the eyelids. It has a wing effect at the outer corner of the eye to elongate the eye shape. The thickness and style of classic eyeliner are customizable.

Achieve Your Beauty Goals

No matter what your beauty goals may be, permanent makeup/eyeliner can help you achieve them. Whether you’re looking for a more natural look or want to make a bolder statement, Inna Robert can create the perfect look for you. We can create various shapes, colors, and definition with our permanent makeup services.

Get in touch with Master Inna to schedule your appointment in Montreal today! She is passionate about providing her clients with the permanent makeup services they need to achieve their beauty goals. No matter your needs, she will work closely with you to provide personalized permanent makeup services to meet them!